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WTCC School safety and testing recommendations

The Wyoming Technology Coronavirus Coalition (WTCC) supports Governor Mark Gordon’s plan to partner with school districts to offer small-sample-size COVID-19 testing. This testing combined with wastewater COVID 19 testing, will provide a baseline for COVID-19 in our communities, but we also know some educators and parents will want more information about testing.

Information we have now:

  • The Governor’s office has based its educator COVID-19 testing plan on the plan they are using for senior centers.  Likely 20% of the employees in a school district will be tested every two weeks.
  • Symptomatic employees will use their health care benefits for COVID-19 testing.
  • School district health plans are not typically covering testing for those who are not showing symptoms or have not been exposed to someone with COVID-19.
  • There is not currently a plan to do any COVID-19 testing of students who are asymptomatic. We encourage parents to look into additional testing for their children. Additional information on testing for students is available in the Parent’s Corner.

For students and educators who are interested in being tested more often, (who are not showing symptoms) we recommend being tested regularly; at a minimum:

  • Before the first day of in-service;
  • Before holiday break(s) begin; and
  • At the end of break(s) before returning to school.

Please see the links on the right side of the page for more info on testing.

Cost could be a factor – Currently educators and parents would be expected to pay for asymptomatic tests out of pocket.  We recommend the following to address these concerns:

  • While our first round of CARES Act funding from the federal government is likely spoken for, we expect Wyoming will receive millions more when the second round of this funding is approved by Congress.  Please contact your superintendent and school board members, asking them to push the Governor’s office and the Wyoming Department of Education to request future dollars for student and educator testing.
  • Ask your district superintendent and school board members to look into local and state grant funds that could be available for educator and student testing.

We know these are very tough times for educators and parents and encourage use of our Forums to ask questions. We have folks on call to answer your questions with fact-based data.

The links on the right side of the page provide much more information.